We offer a wide range of  services to meet your needs. Everyone’s situation is different, so we welcome you to reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

Universal Knowledge

Universal Knowledge is a community blog where you can share your knowledge, videos, photos. My blog is a teaching center for the entire site filled with spiritual and ancestral knowledge. Join Us  Today

Turtle Island Teachings & Documentaries

Turtle Island Teachings is taught by indigenous peoples from around the world and across turtle island, also there is documentaries creates by my good friend Daniel Dunn from the UK.

Community Groups

For the very first time there is a group community much like Facebook but this is uncensored. You can come here and create your very own public, private and secret groups add events and much more. Check it out.

Universal Risng Boutique

Welcome to my store, the products I am selling is CBD products, which is great for your health, I am also designing my own t-shirts, bags and mugs check out my store today.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our services is here to be of service to mother earth and humanity, working together to do what is right. Here you will find calm and peaceful existences practicing what we preach and at the same time saving ourselves, each other and our great mother.

Universal Rising

It's Time To Wake Up

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